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Why modern office chairs have installation instructions but not disassembly instructions

Mar 21 2020

Basically, all modern office chairs come with installation instructions for office chairs, but most of them do not have disassembly instructions. Why? Many buyers will find it strange, shouldn't the modern office chairs disassembly method be written into the manual together, what should I do in case of damage? After all, the maintenance service of chairs as daily necessities has not been perfect so far. More people will choose their own repairs when the chair is broken. Today I will explain why the office chair manual does not include disassembly instructions.
modern office chairs
Modern office chairs are related to people's daily life and need to be used frequently, but what you don't know is that modern office chairs are also dangerous, because most of the office chairs are lift office swivel chairs now. There is an air pressure rod. Once the air pressure rod is damaged, it is very likely to cause an explosion. This is very dangerous. Even if there is a disassembly instruction, ordinary people will inevitably ensure that no accidents occur. Therefore, in order to ensure user safety, office chair sales manufacturers generally do not mark disassembly instructions on the instructions.