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Which one is ergonomic office chair and e-sports chair?

Jun 20 2020

    It is generally recommended to buy the ergonomic office chair first, thinking that the ergonomic chair on the market is a relatively mature product. For now, the gimmick of the e-sports chair is relatively large, but the price of the ergonomic chair is generally more expensive than the e-sports chair some.

     To really choose one of the two, you need to look at the specific use of the customer. If it's just a simple game. It is better to choose a casual and relaxing gaming chair. If it is long in office use, choose the ergonomic chair.
ergonomic office chair
       At present, the e-sports chair is suspected of hot speculation, and it has been popular for the past two years. The technology and products must not be comparable to the ergonomic office chair. Many manufacturers have only learned the appearance, not the essence.

      If you are sitting on a chair for a long time, no matter what type of brand you buy, you must buy a height and backrest that can be adjusted, because even if the ergonomics of the chair are done well, you will be tired after sitting in a state for a long time. It is also uncomfortable, so regular adjustment of the backrest angle and seat height can make you feel comfortable again.

       The shortcomings of the ergonomic chair are that there are too many brands and a mixture of fish and dragons, so the selection cannot focus on the price, but should also look at the store's development process, word of mouth, and after-sales service. The price of the ergonomic chair varies from a few hundred to tens of thousands, and it is difficult to choose.

       The sponge on the chair surface of the e-sports chair is generally harder, and the supporting ability is also very good, but the backrest is not as good as the ergonomic chair, so this is no way to fully fit and support your back and waist. , Mainly relying on the attached headrest and waist pillow for support.