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What to pay attention to when placing office office desk chair

Jul 17 2021

The reasonable placement of desks and chairs can not only make full use of the office space, but also make people feel that the layout is reasonable to improve the grade of the office. So how should the desks and chairs be placed reasonably? What are the things to pay attention to when placing office desk chair?

1. Office desk chair should be backed against the wall. The wall is a place to rely on career and work. Office furniture, desks and chairs backed against the wall give people a sense of security that they can rely on, and work more securely. Do things with their backs on the wall. Too much, it is best not to allow people to move around from behind, it will make people feel that their back is empty and unsafe, and it is easy to make mistakes when they are unable to concentrate.

2. If the office location in the office can be selected, the placement of the desk can be designed according to your actual situation, and it is best to place it diagonally to the door. Since the door is a passage for people to enter and exit, it is easy to distract the office staff when they are facing the door. Especially when the leader is at work, frequent interruptions will make the leader upset and affect the relationship between the superior and the subordinate.

3. It is best to put items on the desk related to work, and put them neatly and cleanly. If there are any miscellaneous items, they can be placed in drawers. It is best not to place sharp instruments on the desk surface, and the items should not be placed too high or messy, especially dolls should not be placed on the desk. According to Feng Shui, such items are easy to attract villains.