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What to pay attention to when choosing green desk chairs?

Sep 05 2019

What to pay attention to when choosing green desk chairs

First of all, we must first check if there is a green sign.
Generally speaking, environmentally-friendly green office furniture must have a green sign, and the office furniture that strictly enforces the mandatory standards for office furniture can meet the required environmental protection requirements. At the time of purchase, pay attention to the technical and reputation of office furniture manufacturers. To see which table and chair manufacturers are from, you can let the manufacturers take out the office furniture test report to see the environmental protection of office furniture.
The second can smell the smell, use the nose to sniff the office chair and whether it has a pungent odor. If there is, it indicates that there is toxic substance. Generally, the irritating odor is caused by formaldehyde exceeding the standard.
The third is to see the amount of formaldehyde released. Generally speaking, if the office chair is made of environmentally friendly materials, the release of formaldehyde from furniture products is probably less than or equal to 1.5 mg/L, which is harmful to the environment in office furniture materials. A limitation of chemical composition.

Fourth, look at the moisture content of the home, in addition to the process and materials of the office chair. So you can first see if the office home has reached the seal edge treatment, and the edge of the touch seal is flat or tight. Because the formaldehyde in the sealed edge sealing plate will reduce air pollution, the moisture content of office furniture can not be too high, too high moisture content will cause quality problems, and will also accelerate the release of formaldehyde.
In addition to the production process and price of office furniture, the smell of office furniture and the environmental protection index are all necessary to look at. Environmentally-friendly office furniture that meets environmental requirements, not only does it have high value, it will not cause harm to the environment and the human body. Environmentally friendly office furniture is able to make people more