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What security details should I pay attention to when using the Office swivel chairs?

Mar 31 2020

          Some inferior Office swivel chairs are prone to explode when used for a long time. What are the reasons for these problems? There are basically two situations that cause an explosion. The wall thickness of the gas spring of the swivel chair is not uniform or the pre-tension force is too large, and then coupled with the long-term use of height adjustment and rotation, the wear may cause the office swivel chair to overheat and explode.

          Under normal circumstances, when a person sits on a chair, the Office swivel chair generally does not cause problems, only when the quality of the air pressure rod is poor, or when the purity of nitrogen is insufficient and the material of the air pressure rod is poor. Under the high temperature and high frequency in the summer, the pressure in the air pressure rod will rise, which will easily cause an explosion.
Office swivel chairs
           Of course, the danger is not only from the swivel chair itself, but also from the wrong practices of the operation itself, which may lead to potential safety hazards. Excessive force or frequent adjustment of the handle may also cause the quality of the swivel chair to be worn, which may easily cause instability on the air lever. Uniform stress and uneven wear over a long period of time can create a potential explosion hazard.

           It is also important to note that if you find that the adjustment is not smooth or there are other abnormal phenomena, do not disassemble the Office swivel chair casually. Some people will follow the process of removing the chair to deflate, which is very dangerous! It's best to have a professional check and maintain your chair regularly to check your Office swivel chair regularly.