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What Makes Comfortable Modern Office Chairs Reliable

May 17 2019

Comfortable modern office chairs are often seen as an investment. Over the years, such a chair can, however, prove more affordable as it could replace an entry-level design which may not be as durable or as comfortable. But a comfortable chair is not always a reliable chair. Apart from looking at attractive designs, many people can be choosing a chair just because it has a degree of comfort which they might not have been used to. However, a reliable comfortable modern office chair goes beyond these characteristics and it holds its qualities in time as well.
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Hard plastics vs. soft plastics
One of the first areas to look at when it comes to establishing reliability is represented by plastics. They are used due to their unmatched versatility, affordability and lightweight profile. But not all plastics are made the same and in many cases, a reliable chair needs to come with reliable plastic parts.

Typical plastic parts can include the frame of the backrest, the armrests, various adjustment knobs such as those used for recline or the casters. Plastics can also be used as decoration or accessories meant to protect essential parts, such as with the gas cylinder plastic protector used on some chairs.

A comfortable chair may not exclude plastics, especially on the areas which are in contact with the user. So the seat pan and the backrest are not made from plastic on a comfortable chair. Even the armrests, which are normally made entirely from plastic, are still finished with a softer padding on the top for the area which is in contact with the elbows and the forearms.

At the same time, not all plastics are the same. This can be exemplified with the casters, which can be chosen according to the type of floor the chair is going to sit on in some premium designs. A hard plastic can leave marks and scratches, especially on hardwood floors. A softer plastic might struggle for mobility ease on surfaces such as carpets. Each type of plastic has its own pros and cons and it should be chosen according to the location planned for the office chair.

Ergonomic vs. non-ergonomic
Can a non-ergonomic chair be reliable? Such an office chair can certainly be reliable, especially if not used for years and years. But a non-ergonomic design might not be comfortable or recommended for the best working position. So many people are simply asking what the best strategy is for their own piece of mind while at the desk.

The combination of an ergonomic design which is also comfortable is always the right way to go. It is often that workers start to wonder about the drawbacks of their chair when they start feeling discomfort or even pain. Over the years, the wrong position at the desk can have a negative impact on posture. Before this even becomes a problem, workers are recommended to use ergonomic designs. While not all ergonomic designs come with the same degree of comfort, simply being in the right position at all times is a great place to be.

Adjustability for comfort
Comfort is often given by adjustability. Some chairs might be affordable but they can lack in customization which can work for height or depth across multiple office chair component. The customization of the sitting position is always one of the top priorities of comfortable modern office chairs.

This adjustability needs proper materials for extra durability. The more customizable a chair is, the more it needs its moving parts to resist multiple adjustments per day. Ergonomic office chairs are known for their high degree of customization. One of the most customizable comfortable modern office chairs is the EvoChair from Autonomous. It allows users to set the backrest to endless positions. This backrest works between a 16” forward incline greatly for reaching various objects on the desk and up to 128° back recline, perfect to allow the lumbar area to relax. For many users, this degree of customization represents a reliable chair from another perspective, the health perspective. Other Autonomous chairs comfort characteristics include:

Patented adjustable lumbar support
Cushioned design to support the entire back
Multi-layered mesh backrest support
Breathable fabric choices
Adjustable and detachable headrests
There are various types of reliability characteristics, but even a comfortable chair needs to offer the right position at the desk. The back needs to be supported at various points, both in terms of height and in terms of depth. Height adjustability can change the location of the lumbar support and it is why this adjustment is recommended for all people. Depth adjustability or recline adjustability can work for the entire backrest or for certain parts of the backrest, such as the lower lumbar support or even the headrest. The customization and the freedom such a backrest comes with is what makes the difference when it comes to posture reliability. The spine is always supported, regardless of the working position.