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What is the difference between a conference chair and a training chair?

Jul 16 2020

In our daily office life, we use different chairs for meetings or training, so there are many different names. Generally, conference chairs are used in various meetings, and training chairs are used in training. So what is the essential difference between a conference chair and a training chair?

Meet the conference chair

Meeting chairs are generally called meeting chairs. They are a kind of products that are necessary for ordinary meetings. There are many kinds of materials and shapes. The material can generally be divided into plastic steel, solid wood, mesh and plastic, etc., these are common materials daily. It is possible to make full use of various colors or uniform specifications to decorate the meeting room, so that the meeting can have a significant impact on both the brain and the visual impact.

Get to know the training chair

Training chair is generally called dictation chair and news chair, which refers to a chair that can be used for desk work in training meetings, news conferences and other related occasions. There are also many choices of materials and specifications. The materials can be divided into mesh, plastic, leather, and steel pipe. In terms of function, it can generally be divided into folding, writing board, and storage function. The multi-functional training chair can bring convenient and quick completion of training in the training room.

In fact, there is no difference between training chair and conference chair in essence, but the occasion is different. Everyone can choose the product they like to purchase.