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What are the bad habits that people need to correct when using ergonomic executive office chairs?

Apr 24 2020

           With the development of technology, ergonomic executive office chairs now have more and more functions. With the enrichment of functions, there are more and more bad habits. The bad habits gradually developed have an impact on our health. , So remind everyone to be careful not to form bad habits when using office chairs.

           In order to meet individual needs, modern ergonomic executive office chairs can basically adjust the angle of the armrest and backrest. Some people like to lean their backs when using office chairs to get more comfort. Although this method of use is more comfortable for the time being, in the long run, it will not only damage the spine, but also easily cause irreversible damage to the backrest and gas of the ergonomic executive office chairs.
ergonomic executive office chairs
            Also, when we use the roller swivel chair, due to some bad habits, we will sit in the ergonomic executive office chairs for long-distance movement, which is not conducive to our long-term sitting on the health of the body. This will cause the roller to fall off.

            Therefore, when we use the ergonomic executive office chairs, we must sit upright. It is best to keep the force of the tripod evenly, so as not to damage the uneven stress of the chair.