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The role of office ergonomic chair in preventing cervical spondylosis

May 22 2020

      The incidence of cervical spondylosis is increasing nowadays. Most of the time it is because we are all down to work, saying that it is harmful to play mobile phones and computers. In fact, there are many factors, such as transportation, our daily cars. Sudden braking, our usual computer chair is also very bad for cervical spine damage, today we come to talk about the office ergonomic chair.

       The office ergonomic chair can be understood literally as a tool to handle copywriting and other tasks in our daily work. This does not need to be moved. The computer chair is actually a product that appeared at the end of the last century. The chair used by people who previously specialized in computer work was low at that time. Therefore, a professional person needs to operate several computers and printers at the same time, so he needs to move and Because of the computer relationship, the height needs to be adjusted, so this time the computer chair is very useful.
ergonomic office chair
        After understanding the concept of the computer chair, then let's talk about the office chair. Many office spaces are now very small. At this time, there is no need to move. At this time, the wheel is an extra burden, because it will be active. It is necessary to rely on the muscles of the legs and hips and the entire back to pull the chair to prevent it from moving. Then the muscles will fatigue throughout the day, and muscle strains will occur over time. Take the muscle strains of the waist and hips and the distal neck as the Lord.

       In addition, because the computer chair is supported by the middle air pressure rod to support the upper chair surface, there is a problem at this time. The link between the middle top rod and the air pressure piece is not fixed and dead. This top rod is movable, so This caused a slight sway of the chair surface. At this time, the hips swayed slightly. For the high head, the sway was large. Due to the sway of the head, the eyes could not see things clearly. The human body will ask me to adjust, which will cause the strain on our neck muscles to increase.

Therefore, for a healthy cervical spine, and for your own quality of life, it is recommended to change to an ordinary four-legged office ergonomic chair. Such a stable structure is helpful for us to relax our muscles while sitting, and get rest, so as not to work hard all the time.