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How to lower office chair without lever

Dec 24 2021

The best office chairs are ergonomic and offer good lumbar support so that long work hours do not have a detrimental effect on your back, arms, wrists, and overall posture. The problem comes when you want to raise your office chair but your chair lacks a lever to adjust its height. There are 3 reasons that your office chair might not have a lever, and we will illustrate the practical solutions to raise the office chair without a lever.
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How to make office chair higher or lower:


1. Older executive chair that is adjusted using large screws.

Firstly, you need to determine the height of you office chair, which should be equal to the distance between the floor and the middle of your knee joint. And then measure the distance from the floor to the seat of your chair. You just need to turn the chair clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the height.

Kindly reminder: Most older chairs have a small lock that prevents you from accidentally readjusting the height. You can flip your chair over and loose the screw. Make sure to test it by sitting on the chair before reinserting the lock.

2.If your office chair is a pneumatic chair, and you damage or miss the lever.

The best thing you can do is to take your office chair to the nearest furniture repair shop and ask them to fix it for you. Or you can find a long object as your new makeshift lever. And then flip the chair over, once you find the tip of the cylinder, you will see a small protruding pin. When this pin is pushed down, it releases the piston at the bottom of the pneumatic lift. If the piston is released, you can then raise or lower your office chair. Finally, secure your new makeshift lever in place using some duct tape.

3. Your office chair might not have any adjustment functionality by design.

If your office chair lacks height, one of the easiest ways to get some elevation is by using seat cushions.


Energeticspace is one of the China Office Chair Manufacturers, we offer an infographic on how to higher or lower office chair without lever.
older office chairs damaged/missing levers non-adjustable office chairs
Find and unfasted the lock screw and turn the seat clockwise to lower the seat and counterclockwise to raise it. Create a makeshift lever or order a replacement mechanism. Get a seat cushion to add height to your chair or desk elevation blocks for your desk.