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Introduction to different types of office desk chair

Jun 30 2021

Office desk chair are daily necessities in our lives. They are mainly for rest and reduce labor intensity. They are also important office supplies in our modern offices. But we often don’t pay attention to them. Just find a chair and sit down. We don’t know that this is causing us Modern causes of back pain and hip and leg pain. Let's briefly analyze it below.

Let’s first talk about office desk chair with wheels. It brings convenience to our movement at work, but it also brings trouble to our waist and legs. Because of the convenience of movement, we have to use the power of waist and legs. Control the chair and keep the chair from moving. How tired you want to be at the end of the day. If the chair is older, where the connecting rod and chair are loose, the surface of the stool will shake. If the bottom shakes a little, the head will shake very much. The eyes can’t see things clearly, so we have to rely on the tension of our back and buttocks muscles to hold down the stool and keep it still, then it will be even more tired. This is the muscles of the back, buttocks, etc. will be injured. Time Over time, it will cause strain on the spine, waist and hips, and leg muscles. I hope everyone will pay attention.

Secondly, let’s talk about the sofa stool as shown in the picture above. Because the surface of the stool is relatively soft, when sitting, the hip muscles are relatively lightly compressed, and sitting is more comfortable. It is suitable for chatting and does not need to look at the scene, but when working, because we have to look at the target. If the stool surface is too soft, it will cause the body to shake. In order to avoid shaking, the body must be tight and not relaxed. This is also very tiring and will cause muscle fatigue damage for a long time.

So what kind of stool is better? It is recommended to use a four-legged stool, which is more stable. When sitting as far as possible, sit as far as possible, with the back slightly leaning against the back of the chair, so that the body is relaxed and not easy to cause fatigue. A thin layer of cushion can be placed on the stool surface to relieve the ischial knot Section pressure. In addition, when sitting on a stool, it is recommended to sit full, with the back of the chair leaning against the back of the chair, so as to reduce the pressure on the waist by the upper body. There are also some easy chairs, which are also very good chairs, but they are not suitable for office use. They are suitable for meetings and chats. Different stools have different usages. Did you use them right?