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How to clean and maintain office chairs?

Mar 16 2021

There are desks and chairs in every office, especially office chairs, which are very important for office workers. Office chair is a piece of office furniture that needs to be used almost every day, so it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance to extend its service life. So, how to properly clean and maintain office chairs?

First, daily cleaning.

First of all, you need to understand the material of the office chair. Office chairs of different materials have different cleaning methods. Usually the feet of office chairs are mostly made of iron or solid wood, while the stools are mostly made of leather or fabric.

1. If it is a leather office chair, you must pay attention to whether there is any fading when cleaning, and you need to clean it more carefully.

2. The solid wood office chair legs can be wiped directly with a dry cloth. Be careful not to use wet rags, which will easily cause the chair legs to rot.

3. The cleaning of general fabric office chairs is to use detergent and then gently wipe. If it is particularly dirty, it can be cleaned with warm water. Be careful not to use a brush to scrub hard, which will easily make the fabric look very old.

Office Chairs

Second, maintenance issues.

1. In daily use, ensure the correct sitting posture to avoid uneven pressure on the office chair.

2. It is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects on the armrest of the office chair.

3. Regularly check whether the structure of the office chair is loose. If there is any looseness, it needs to be adjusted in time.

4. Be careful not to place the office chair in the sun, which may easily cause problems such as aging and decay of the office chair.