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How to choose an office chair that suits you?

Jan 20 2021

When working in an office building, most of the time is sitting. In order to protect our spine and let us have a more comfortable experience, it is very important to choose a good chair, which can make our work. higher efficiency. So how can we choose a suitable office chair?

First of all, everyone should know that there are many types of office chairs. The office chair is composed of headrest, chair back, armrest, chair seat, chassis, five-star feet and chair wheels. Since everyone's height and posture are different, no chair is suitable for everyone. However, the design of the following chairs can make you have a more comfortable experience, which is also our most important point in choosing office chairs.

Chair back and lumbar support:

Our spine is curved, so the back of our chair should fit the curve of our back and provide enough support for our back. People who sit for a long time should feel sore in their lower back. Because the bones and muscles of the lower back bear the weight of the entire upper body, a comfortable chair must not only have an ergonomic chair back, but also focus on the lower back to provide support. The maximum loudness reduces lumbar muscle strain. When choosing an office chair, you can go to a physical store to sit on the object and feel the comfort of the chair.

office chair

The material of the cushion:

There are many materials for cushions. Generally, a cushion of moderate hardness can make the hips sit comfortably, but whether it is breathable or not, you need to sit for a long time to feel it. The elasticity is due to the low density of the sponge. If you want good air permeability, then it is best to choose a full mesh or leather material, which has very good air permeability.

Adjust the height angle:

General ergonomic chair considerations are more reasonable and comprehensive. The height of the chair is raised and lowered, the armrest is raised, moved back and forth and left and right, so that you can keep your elbows at a very comfortable angle. And it can be adjusted in all directions. It can be adjusted at any time according to the sitting posture you need, and you can easily and quickly find the current enough healthy and comfortable state to make the whole body feel comfortable. Therefore, a good work chair should have rich and flexible adjustability. It is important that it can be adjusted in detail according to the use environment and personal requirements and habits.


On floors of different materials, the grip of the rollers is obviously different, and you can easily feel this difference when you move the chair. So which roller to choose depends on the floor material of the room, and different materials are suitable for different rollers.