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How to choose an ergonomic chairs

Jul 21 2021

How to choose an ergonomic chairs

1. Purpose
The ergonomic chairs we choose are all suitable for a specific use environment, and are actually difficult to be universal. The environment where you need to face the computer when you work is different from the environment where you need to lower your head to write and read when you study. So when we buy, we must be clear about our main purpose, whether it is office, learning, or e-sports games.
After confirming this use category, it is correct to search and select the ergonomic chair.

2. Feature selection
Chair back selection 4D adjustment3D adjustment2D adjustment, the higher the degree of adjustment, the higher the degree of adaptation to human body shape.
Lumbar support selection adjustablenon-adjustable, non-adjustable to fit the waist of the human body evenly, the effect of the waist force is not as good as adjustable; the choice of one-piece or separate type depends on the individual.
Headrest selection whether the adjustment angle and lifting distance are sufficient.
Handrail options rich in adjustable directions.
Cushion selection moderate hardness, not easy to collapse, and rich in adjustable directions.
The configuration options are similar, as are the options such as lifting rods. In short, it is necessary to choose a highly customizable and highly adjustable one, which is more suitable for the human body.

3. Security
The key to the safety of this ergonomic chair that can be raised and lowered is its air pressure bar. The explosion of the air pressure rod will burst the entire stool and pierce our buttocks. The consequences are very serious. At present, the air pressure bar standards of domestic ergonomic chairs on the market refer to the finished product standards of office chairs.
When we buy, we just look for the regular products of the regular brands sold on the regular platforms. These are all approved through market access and are guaranteed. Do not buy irregular and second-hand products to save money.

4. Material
The material of the back part must be elastic and rigid, so that it can be supported without losing comfort; the material of the seat cushion, the mesh cloth is more breathable, and the sponge is more supportive, everyone can choose according to their needs.

5. Other
For chair legs, aluminum alloy has the best load-bearing capacity; for pulleys, it is best to choose a quiet one; those with a footrest are better than those without a footrest.