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How to choose a safe training chair?

Nov 14 2020

In today's fast-paced era, both students and working people generally have the habit of sitting and working hard for a long time. Over time, vision loss, muscle pain, joint cervical pain and other problems will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a comfortable and safe training chair. What should be paid attention to when purchasing?

1. Safety first

Safety is the primary factor that must be considered when purchasing a qualified training chair. Whether it is shaking, or a chair with sharp corners and rough surface, it is not suitable to buy, so as to avoid being bumped or scratched. The safety of the chair can be judged from the treatment of its structure and details. Generally good chairs are made of sleek and smooth lines, with delicate surface treatment, clever switch design, and secure steel pipes as support.

training chair

2. The materials used should be environmentally friendly and exquisite craftsmanship

When purchasing a training chair, choose new materials that have no peculiar smell, high purity and translucent panels. A good training chair uses new skin-friendly and environmentally friendly materials to make panels. In addition to being beautiful and high-end, it is also safe, non-toxic, clean and environmentally friendly. Generally, the panel color is darker and there are variegated colors, which are secondary materials used many times, and often toxic elements exceed the standard and are harmful to the human body. For steel pipes, support components with qualified support strength and meticulous surface treatment should be selected as steel pipe skeletons. The training chair with fine workmanship has the surface treated with deep pickling to remove rust, multi-layer electrostatic uniform spraying/electroplating, and the pipe wall has the characteristics of smooth and uniform, consistent color, not easy to aging, anti-rust and anti-oxidation.

3. Humanized design

A good training chair should conform to the characteristics of ergonomic design. The rigid, non-humanized design of the chair back can easily cause physical and mental fatigue and muscle aches; poor sitting posture can even affect the cervical spine and vision. Therefore, we have to choose a chair back design that conforms to the curve of the human spine, so that as long as the user leans on the back of the chair, he can lift his head and chest, which helps his body stretch upward.