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How to Clean You Office Chairs

Dec 13 2021

Do know how to clean your office chair? Do you know it is not enough to use a cloth to clean the chair? Lunchtime crumbs, ink from dropped pens, dust on your pants are usually accumulated in your chair, leaving you a seem clean but dirty chair.

The key point of determining the method of cleaning your office chair is to confirm the material your chair is made from, so this guide would guide you on how to clean your office.

What Do you Need?

Generally speaking, some modern office chairs have a tag (on the underside of the seat) with a cleaning code which gives a proper suggestion on the types of cleaners for cleaning. This guide would follow the instruction of the above cleaning code to determine the cleaners.

The following cleaners could be used for cleaning leather, vinyl, mesh, or polyurethane-covered chairs.
●A Vacuum Cleaner: A handheld vacuum or cordless stick vacuum is an efficient and ideal cleaner for most traditional office chairs. Some vacuums even could remove the dust and allergens from the chair and indoor decoration.

●Dishwasher Soap: We had better choose mild dishwasher soap or any other clear dish soap.

●A spray bottle or a bowl.

●Two or three clean and a soft cloth. You also could use any rags, only it is clean and doesn't leave the fiber.

●Optional Tools: A duster or compressed air. The duster could remove the dust in the chair. A bottle of compressed air could blow out the particles.

●Other Tools for Deep Cleaning or Stain Removing
Vinegar, laundry detergent, and rubbing alcohol: These three tools could be used for handling stubborn stains, such as coffee stains, oil stains, and others. The use of these will depend on the type of stain.

●A portable carpet and upholstery cleaner: If you want to make the cleaning more efficient, you could purchase the special for deep cleaning tools. The portable carpet and upholstery cleaner may be a good choice to clean the upholstered office chairs

After finishing the preparation, we first need to do is removing any solid debris through the vacuum cleaner. If we not, the solid debris would move its position on the chair and directly pollute other clean areas, as a result, making the chair get dirtier during the following cleaning job.

How to Clean A Mesh Chair?

To clean an ergonomic mesh chair, you need to prepare the following tools: a bowl of hot and soapy water, a cloth, and a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. The soapy water is the key point of cleaning the mesh chair, for the reason of it would not harm the features of the fabric. Here are the detailed steps to guide you clean the mesh chair:

●Use the vacuum to remove any debris from your modern ergonomic mesh chair.

●Dilute the washing-up liquid in hot water, then soak a clean cloth in it.

● Wiring out the wet cloth until it not dripping water, then gently wipe the cloth over the chair.

Notice: You need to start with the back of the office chair. It is because the back is the most get cleaning part of the chair but is the area that is most likely to contaminate other areas of the chair, especially for the highback office chair. Therefore, we need to start the cleaning job from the chair back.

●Before cleaning chair legs, we need to dip the cloth into the soapy water again, then wire it out.
5. After finishing the whole cleaning job, you can not sit on the chair, you had better give an air dry for your chair for a night, to ensure the chair is dry and clean.

How to Clean Leather Office Chair?

Compared with other materials, the leather office chair is easier to clean. It is because you could easily get the proper cleaner for your leather office chair. Here is the detailed step about how to clean your leather chair.

●Vacuum the leather task chair to remove any debris

●Spray the leather cleaner on a clean and dry cloth, then use it to wipe out the chair gently.

●Spay a small amount of warm water over the chair, then use a clean cloth to wipe away any residue.

●If you find the cloth looks dirty, you need to repeat the above two procedures.

●Then you could air-dry the chair or use a dry towel to dry it.


How Often Should I Clean Office Chair?

You need to make a deep cleaning once a week. Deep cleaning means you follow the above procedure to clean mesh office chairs or leather meeting chairs. To maintain the cleanness of your chair, you also should be aware that clean up any spills or stains with water, in case they further deepen into the internal of the chair.


No matter what type of office chair you use, you need to pay more attention to the regular cleaning of the ergonomic office chair. If you don't care about the cleaning of your chair, it would germinate bacterium, as a result, impacting on your health in the future, indicated by professional China Office Chair Manufacturers.