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Choose different office chairs according to different positions.

Jan 22 2021

Office chairs are relatively common in office furniture. Choosing the right office chair can not only improve our work efficiency, but also a pleasure for our body. However, if the selected chair is not suitable, the effect is just the opposite, so it is very important to choose the right chair. The following briefly explains how to choose the right office chair.

1. Office chair used by the boss:

As the boss of the company, the office chair is not only comfortable, but more importantly, it must be of sufficient grade. This is a symbol of the boss's honorable status. Most of the office chairs used by bosses are made of solid wood leather. Traditional companies usually choose leather boss chairs. Of course, some modern companies choose high-end mesh office chairs. There is no difference between the two. When choosing a chair, it mainly depends on the industry in which the company is located and the overall decoration style of the office. With the continuous development of the industry, some manufacturers have even added humanized functions such as back massage, electric lifting, and seat heating to the boss office chair. This can be selected according to user preferences.

2. Office chairs used by managers:

Supervisors and managers are the company's management and generally have their own dedicated offices, so the office chair should naturally be more particular. The manager’s office chair is usually wider than the ordinary staff chair. Most of the back recline is 90 degrees. Some products are even equipped with pedals, so that you can lie down and take a rest in the afternoon. Manager office chairs on the market are divided into leather and mesh fabrics. When choosing, you can match them according to the style of office furniture. Solid wood office furniture usually chooses leather office chairs, while panel or steel office furniture usually chooses to match. Mesh office chair. In addition, the manager's office chair is generally higher than the ordinary staff chair, or has a headrest, so that the head can also be supported. When trying to sit, pay attention to whether the entire back and cervical spine can be properly supported.

Office Chairs

3. Office chairs used by employees:

Staff office chairs are the most common office furniture category we see in furniture stores. The staff chair is slidable and adjustable in height. The seat cushion is usually made of high-elastic sponge, and the backrest is mostly breathable mesh. Of course, some use West leather fabric, the bottom is made of nylon or steel five-star feet, and the rollers are mostly nylon. Basically, the staff chairs on the market can be reclined by about 30 degrees. When employees are tired, they can recline and stretch their bodies, but they can't completely put them down. Some companies can also choose staff chairs with foot pads and headrests according to their specific needs. You can take a lunch break at noon. When choosing a staff chair, you need to pay attention to the following points: the thickness and resilience of the cushion sponge; whether the five-star foot material and the rollers slide smoothly; when trying to sit, pay attention to whether the back is properly supported. All in all, the staff chair is to be comfortable and durable, so you must feel it yourself when you buy it.

4. Conference chair:

Conference chairs are generally placed in the meeting room. According to the different styles of the meeting room, leather or mesh cloth can be selected. Generally, the solid wood and painted conference tables use leather conference chairs, and the board-style conference tables are equipped with mesh conference chairs. Conference chairs are mostly arch-shaped feet without pulleys. According to the actual situation, a chair with pulleys can be equipped in the main seat.