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Apply These 10 Clever Techniques to Improve Your Home Office on a Budget

Apr 30 2019

More and more Americans work from home. And a growing number of employers recognize the well-being and retention benefits allowing their employees work from home flexibility creates. This creates a high demand for quality, practical and high-functioning home offices.

Home Office Ideas on a Budget
Do you find yourself among the millions of Americans who work from home? And do you want to improve your working environment to help enhance your productivity and creativity levels. Then take a look at the following ten clever home office ideas on a budget.

Give the Walls a Facelift
Don’t stare at dull, uninspiring and monotone walls all day. Because this environment won’t rouse your creativity.

But change the décor of the walls in your home office. Give them a new lick of paint in a bolder color. And choose a new style of wallpaper. Or simply hang up some striking artwork and imagery. Give you home office space an important décor boost. You’ll find this an effective and budget-friendly approach.

Organize Your Desk
A cluttered desk scattered in paperwork, printers, stationery and more, is not conducive with a clear mind and a productive day’s work.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways you can improve your home office environment is to organize your office space and throw away anything that isn’t needed.

Create More Natural Daylight
Research shows that offices with access to daylight can boost workers’ creativity by as much as 15%. If you can’t afford to cut out holes in your home office and install new windows, work on the windows you already have by changing heavy curtains with blinds to let more light in, decluttering the windowsills and, quite simply, giving the glass a good clean.

Hang Mirrors on the Wall
Another clever way to create more natural light in a home office is to hang mirrors on the wall. As well as looking stylish and funky, hanging a mirror opposite a window will mean the light gets bounced around the room, creating a greater sense of natural daylight in the office space to help boost your productivity levels.

Get Creative with Lighting
Of course, home offices can rarely rely on natural daylight alone. Rather than battling on in a dimly-lit space, which can make you feel drained, place bright and quirky lamps on the desk to bathe your workspace in light, without breaking the home office makeover budget.

Make Comfort a Priority with a New Office Chair
If your existing office chair isn’t too comfortable, now’s the time to swop the chair with a comfier alternative. Office chairs range quite significantly on cost but isn’t something you should scrimp on.

Opt for a well-made office chair that helps improve your posture at your desk and has a decent level of padding.

Inject a More Personal Touch into the Space
Whether you’re a one-man band working from home or are part of a small businesses working in a home environment, injecting some personality into your home office that captures the spirit of your business will go a long way in heightening the appeal of the office space.

Whether it’s redecorating the space with the colors of your business’s logo or even creating an accent wall that features your company logo, creating a personal touch in your home office is a cost-effective way to inject greater personality and appeal into the space.

Install a Chalkboard
Chalkboards need not be confined to toddlers’ bedrooms. On the contrary, chalkboards are another clever and inexpensive way to create a practical focal point in your home office that enables you to scribble down notes whilst you’re on a conference call and erase them with ease when they’re not needed any more.

Bring the Outdoors Indoors
Another cheap and clever trick to enhance the look and ambiance of your home office is to place indoors plants around the room.

Similar to natural daylight, the presence of plants in a working space can go a long way in boosting productivity and wellbeing as you work.

Invest in Some Air Freshener
Air freshener definitely won’t break the home office budget and is a quick, immediate and incredibly cheap way to ensure your home office smells nicer and is therefore a more desirable space to work in.
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