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Modern task chairs are mainly from the chassis and gas

Jul 17 2019

When many people buy modern task chairs, most people only pay attention to the price, appearance and function of the chair. The people who are truly knowledgeable, in addition to paying attention to the above three aspects, also pay attention to the chassis of the office chair and the gas lever. The chassis and air lever of the office chair are the main core of the operation just like the computer CPU and system. If the chassis and the gas lever of the office chair are all inspected, then there is nothing wrong with the safety of the chair.
                                                                       Modern task chairs
At present, the chassis used in the market are conventional three-function chassis, engineering four-function chassis, engineering five-function chassis and self-loading four-function chassis. These chassis functions are gradually increasing and functioning more and more. Of course, in addition to the function of the chassis, its steel plate also has an explosion-proof function, so that the office chair is more comfortable and safe to use, so when purchasing the office chair, it should be noted that the chassis has passed the inspection by the inspection agency.RX-02C/8025BF BUY OFFICE CHAIRS

The news often reports that the gas boom of the lift office chair has exploded. The reason is that the black heart merchant uses the gas lever that is not inspected and reported. The gas rod may be filled with other gases or filled with less pure nitrogen, and the gas rod wall is thin or the gas rod wall material is unqualified. With the current strict control, the market's survival of the fittest, whether the brand or the ordinary office chair manufacturers use the gas bar is safe, the gas bar is generally divided into two gas, three gas and four gas The higher the level, the higher the safety factor and the more expensive the result.