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How to choose the right office desk chair

Jul 17 2021

Office desk chair are very important. They are the long-term companions of office workers for work and study. The quality of desks and chairs directly affects the results of our work. Some people think that if you buy a liftable office chair, the desk is just You can just leave it as you like. In fact, it is not the case. The work efficiency can be doubled if a suitable desk is equipped with an ergonomic office desk chair. So, how do you find a desk and chair that suits you?

1. Appropriate height: Measured according to the current normal human body height in our country, the height of the desk is generally 720-780 cm. Taking into account the active area of ​​the legs under the desk, in order to adapt to the structure of the human body, the height of the desk should be at Add 280 cm to the height of the office desk chair. A comfortable desk height can directly affect our health. If it is not suitable, it will directly damage our lumbar spine and spine.

2. Reasonable width: Generally speaking, the width of the desk depends on our shoulder width and the range of movement of our arms when sitting down. When we sit in the middle of the desk, the left and right sides use the extended length of the wrist as the desk width limit, so the more reasonable desktop width size is 1200-1800 cm long, but if the office desk chair has wheels, our range of activities will be wider. , The activity range of the desktop has also been extended, so the size of the desk can exceed 2000 cm.

3. Quality and safety: When purchasing office desk chair, you should check whether the materials contain harmful substances, smell pungent odors, etc., to ensure quality and safety.

Therefore, when purchasing office desk chair, we should take comfort and safety as the first choice. Under the premise of ensuring quality and safety, choosing a desk with a suitable height and width can allow employees to have a more relaxed office experience.