883 Series

May 09 2019

The chair has dual functions, and it is easy to operate by pressing the back chair to change the chair or table. Generally stackable, with a small cart can be stacked for about 25 sheets, easy to install cabinets, saving space. Reduce transportation costs. Suitable for families, conferences, training and other places.lumbar support chairs


1、The biggest selling point of the chair is that the chair has a dual-function variable chair or table. When the presentation is given to the guest, it is necessary to act neatly to highlight the function and ease of operation.

2、In the place where the modern society is full of gold, it is necessary to make full use of space. However, this chair can also be stacked. The general needs of foreign guests can be stacked, because there are more cabinets, which can reduce the cost of the guests, and make full use of the space in the place of use, so that you can save more. 

3、The chair's foot pad has two functions: to prevent the frame and the friction with the ground from causing scratches and harsh sounds. In addition, it can also be used as a connecting buckle to make the chair a row, and the row is used more neatly.

4、In addition to the armrests, the armrests of the chair can also be used to protect the collision between the chairs when stacked.


The color matching can also meet the needs of different occasions, including blue, black, red and grayish white. The back seat materials are all recyclable plastic.