582 Series

May 08 2019

Function description: The series products are not very functional, mainly because the frog chassis has a lifting function to tilt the 4th level lock. It belongs to the back seat and the body tilts synchronously. The tilting strength can be adjusted according to the needs of the human body, providing excellent performance for users of different sizes. Comfort and support; suitable for executives, staff, negotiation, conferences and hotels.

Material Description: The plastic color is black, white and silver; the headrest is a separate rubber board, the back seat armrest is a joint rubber plate, high-strength engineering plastic, the headrest and back seat can be sturdy or leather, headrest and back, The seat is a high-elastic shaped sponge that provides just the right amount of comfort according to your body size. 65mm stroke 2# electroplated steam rod, 350mm aluminum alloy foot, 2.5 inch PU belt that can effectively avoid scratching the ground and reducing the noise generated during rolling Set of wheels; the whole chair can pass the American BIFMA test.


*The color matching effect is obvious, and different colors can be selected according to the occasions that are not used, high cold black, delicate white, and metallic silver.

*Unique product, strong sense of design, easy to sell high price, profit margin is guaranteed.

*Fully ergonomic design, comfortable and healthy.

*Material requirements are very high, the overall can
pass the US BIFMA test standard.stackable training chairs